ILR | Punjab & Haryana High Court | Indian Law Reports

I.L.R. Hierarchy


Consists of
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sheel Nagu, Chief Justice (Chairman)
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vikas Bahl (Member)
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jagmohan Bansal (Member)
Gurvinder Singh, Advocate General, Punjab (Member)
Baldev Raj Mahajan, Advocate General, Haryana (Member)
Vikas Malik, President Bar Association (Member)
R.S Cheema, Sr. Advocate (Member)


Consists of
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anupinder Singh Grewal
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mahabir Singh Sindhu
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vinod S. Bhardwaj
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Pankaj Jain
Hon’ble Mr. Justice Harkesh Manuja


Sanjeev Sharma
Senior Advocate
Pranav Chamoli
Dr. Sumati Jund
Shivya Sehgal
Ankit Grewal
Divay Sarup
Amrita Garg
Kriti Sharma
Gaurav Saini
Shubreet Kaur
Viren Jain
Kunal Mulwani
Ritu R. Nichani
Shrenik Jain
Kamaljit Singh Dhillon
Atul Bhatia
Dr. Payel Mehta

Indian Law Reports journal is published every month besides two biannual indexes. It is an official publication published on behalf of this Hon'ble Court under (The Indian) Law Reports Act, 1875. Indian Law Reports Section (ILR Section) collects all judgments which are 'REFERRED TO THE REPORTER' from the Hon’ble Courts and the judgments are forwarded to the Reporters for scrutiny. The Reporters give their opinion whether the judgment is ‘fit for reporting or not’. As such, judgments are divided into two categories, one, which are fit for reporting and the other, which are not fit for reporting. After making two categories of judgments, a case is prepared and submitted to the Hon’ble ILR Committee for approval of publication of judgments which are found fit for reporting. After approval, head notes of the judgments (which are found fit for reporting) are prepared by the Reporters and then approved by the learned Editor, ILR. Thereafter, judgments decided in a particular month are compiled in a monthly journal and index is prepared. Then rough draft (manuscript) is sent to a Reporter for proof reading. After making correction of proof reading, the judgments compiled are forward to Technical team for online publication.